Welcome to Dragonfly Luxury Travel Kit

The Dragonfly has been on Earth for 300 million years.  It has the ability to see in 360 degrees, and can fly in ALL directions exuding a sense of power and poise. Its wing speed is hundreds of times slower than other insects its size, but it achieves more with less energy. It accomplishes its objectives with the utmost simplicity, elegance and grace.  It is a beauty to behold as it travels and discovers the wondrous world we live in-  a true traveler.

Luxury Resorts


First Class pampering for all your exotic travel destinations.  Travel in style!
Executive Jet Business


Lightweight and packable for on board comfort and style whether short flights, or other side of the globe.
Exclusive Cruise/Sailing


The ultimate must have for one-of-a-kind travel experiences – South Pacific, Caribbean, historic rivers of Europe, or sailing the Ivory Coast.
Wedding Anniversary


Remember your special day with this timeless gift- to yourself or spouse. Great statement gift to your wedding party too.  (special arrangements can be made for custom monogramming)
For the Ultimate Retreat
Higher Standards of Excellence
Sensual to the Touch Materials